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Q1. If we make new website who Provide Contents ?

Ans. Some Option we have A. Client Provide Own Contents B. We Hire Content Writer they charge per page Rs 200 C. We have content writer software we can spin contents.

Q2. What is the reason of website speed slow ?

Ans. Images/Js/Css optimize or check server configuration

Q3. SEO - If we make new website who provide images ?

Ans. Client provide own images, becuase google don’t like copy-paste images

Q4. Which types of format/design we make ?

Ans. we make always latest format according to Google

Q5. Which website language good for Website and Seo ?

Ans. Html and Php

Q6. Which Database we use for dynamic website making ?

Ans. Mysql

Q7. What is best option if i have premium template i need to use same template section or custom work ?

Ans. We recommended use same template section

Q8. Is my website mobile friendly/responsive Design ?

Ans. yes we use always Latest template

Q9. What is the best option if my requirement is custom i dont need readymade template work ?

Ans. Make points list written format on email then meet us for discussion

Q10. Do you provide sample demo before start work ?

Ans. Yes we always show demo html template to client then they choose anyone

Q11. I want daily update my website, what is best option ?

Ans. use Wordpress or Joomla

Q12. How to check my website visitor’s records ?

Ans. Go to Google Analytics here everything mention

Q13. I am not based in Allahabad (Prayagraj), Do you travel to our office and work with us in-person ?

Ans. No, But we can discuss - Phone Call/Whatsapp/Email

Q14. Do you provide Technical support after the launch of my new website ?

Ans. Yes, we offer 1 Year technical support if any error come, Cpanel, website, webmail, domain not working so we can solve

Q15. I have more question related website, where can i ask ?

Ans. Call/Whatsapp - +91 7007702307.

Q16. Why i choose Website Service Desire Web World Company ?

Ans. Desire Web World have 12+ Year experience in website Field. Lots of success results also. More Detail Email -

Q17. Email Service also include in your plan ?

Ans. Yes in our plan Webmail service include, but if you want Best Email Solution use Gsuite

Q18. How much time take if website work is complete and i need to launch website on Google ?

Ans. It will take 1 Day For Domain Setup/ Web Hosting Setup and apply website to Google

Q19. Are there any hidden costs ?

Ans. No

Q20. After 1st year how much charges for Annual Maintenance Cost ?

Ans. We charge only 25% of total cost of 1st year

Q21. What service include in Annual Maintenance Cost ?

Ans. Website Contents, Images Update work

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Website Annual Maintenance Services Website SSL Certificate Related Error Website Images, Css & JS - Optimize Website Data Transfer Old Hosting to New Hosting
Website Page Speed Increase Gsuite Paid Services Static Website Change to Dynamic and mores
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