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There were various other requests and business models that came with the restrictions. There were users who never wished to be identified or found on the websites. There were users who were looking for a second marriage. There were users who only wanted to get married in families that matched their financial background. Then there were those who were not even comfortable with going online but still wanted to use the service. Matrimonial websites have been in India for more than 15 years now. The business case is extremely strong for matrimonial business to run especially because of the ever so prevalent system of arranged marriages in India.

Why Matrimonial Solution is needed for your Business ?

The matchmaking has been a part of the Indian marriage scene since forever. However, as time passed the baton to fix marriages has changed hands from close and distant relatives to agents and brokers to astrologers and pundits to newspaper classifieds and finally matrimonial websites now. There cannot be a better case to build and organize an unorganized segment in India which was the proof of concept for matrimonial websites which set shop and took advantage of this.

If you see closely when it comes to the communication strategy of online matrimony services, almost all of them have followed a similar trend. It has always been about the girl. Almost all the TV ads will always have the girl either as the protagonist or the subject.

  • A lot of urban India might have evolved in the ways they want to treat their daughters and their opinion on love and arranged marriage.
  • the communication is more skewed towards the girl and her parents because it just makes business sense.
  • Another angle to look at this might be when it comes to online matrimony websites, parents, in fact, are the real users. It makes complete sense for the marketers to reach out to parents and assure them through their communication that this is a completely safe and best way to possibly find a groom for your daughter. .