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Medi Store Solution

Desire Medi Store Solution

Desire Medi Store Solution provide platform to many medical store related user like medical store operator to manage their medicine in perticular store. Where he/she can manage their inventory of medicine with all details like expiry date, purchase order, sale order. Desire Medi Store also provide various type of report to user like Daily sale report, purchase stock report, expiry product report with in 30 days etc. This Solution help to automatically generate various other types of details like Customer’s Ledger Balance, Credit Limit, Due Bills, Total Sales Figure, Monthly Sales Figure, DL No., Phones, Last bill Details, Last Receipt Details etc. are shown to help you make quick business decisions. It also helps you compare the current rate, discount and deal as well as your purchase,

Create a new Batch On the spot while entering Sales voucher or Purchase Voucher, Treatment of Sale Return / Breakage / Expiry at the time of sales voucher(Sometimes while entering sales voucher, customer returns some Items (Due to Breakage / Expiry / Leakage etc.) and wants them to be adjusted in the same bill). We are sharing screen shot of demo with you like Flash Screen, our dashboard, Address Book and Items Details.

We work for the best quality of services for Desire Medi Store and our clients appreciate us for that.

Desire Medi Store Flash Screen

Desire Medi Store Dashboard

Desire Medi Store Address

Desire Medi Store Item Details

Try Demo Desire Medi Store Solution

For demo of Medi Store Solution, you need to install both Desire Medi Store setup and Desire Support setup, please follow these steps are as follows:

  • Download Desire Medi Store setup from offers & Download menu.
  • Download Desire support setup from offers & Download menu.
  • During download if browser ask, discard or keep, please choose keep option. it will save setup in your PC.
  • Unzip both setup and install on you PC.
  • For User manual: Desire School Solution User Manual